Discover X’s premium live streaming feature : Elevate Your Experience

Discover X's premium live streaming feature Elevate Your Experience

In a surprising move, X, formerly known as Twitter, announced that it will soon start charging for live streaming, a feature that is currently free on other major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. This change will make X the only major social media platform to require a paid subscription for live streaming. “Starting soon, only Premium subscribers will be able to livestream (create live video streams) on X,” the company announced. This also includes using an encoder with X integration, which is relevant for game streaming.

The company did not provide a reason for this change. Historically, X has used additional features like post editing, longform writing, and ad-free feeds to attract users to its paid subscriptions. However, it has not typically moved existing, widely available features behind a paywall. X Premium subscriptions start at $3 per month for the basic tier, and go up to $8 per month for Premium and $16 per month for Premium+.

This decision is part of a broader trend at X under the ownership of Elon Musk, where the company appears to be exploring various ways to monetize its services. Recently, X introduced a $1 annual charge for new accounts to have posting privileges in New Zealand and the Philippines. While the company describes this as a test, Musk has indicated that he wants to expand this fee to all new users eventually.

YouTube Introduces Community Notes

Meanwhile, YouTube is taking a cue from X (Twitter) by introducing a community notes feature ahead of the 2024 US election. The goal is for these short, viewer-created notes to add relevant context to videos, such as identifying misinformation or highlighting old footage being misrepresented as new.

The notes feature will initially be rolled out as a pilot program for a limited number of eligible contributors. These contributors will receive an invitation via email or Creator Studio. They must have an active YouTube account in good standing to participate.

During the pilot phase, third-party evaluators will rate the helpfulness of the notes to help train the system. YouTube aims to launch the notes gradually to test and refine the feature before making it widely available. Given YouTube’s often toxic comment sections, this cautious approach seems necessary.

Once fully implemented, viewers will see the notes under videos if they are deemed broadly helpful. Viewers will be asked to rate notes as “helpful,” “somewhat helpful,” or “unhelpful,” and explain why, such as citing good sources or clear writing.

The rating system will use a bridging-based algorithm, which looks for connections among disparate groups. If people who typically rate things differently agree on a note’s helpfulness, that note is more likely to appear. While the system could potentially be abused, considering the strong belief in debunked misinformation among certain online communities, YouTube plans to monitor and adjust the feature as needed.

This feature is similar to one that was rolled out under the Jack Dorsey era of Twitter and expanded globally after Elon Musk took over the company in 2022. Musk described the feature as a “gamechanger for improving accuracy on Twitter.” Although X is not known for its accuracy, YouTube evidently saw value in this crowd-sourced context approach.

Future of Community Notes on YouTube

YouTube plans to launch the community notes pilot on mobile in the US first. The company expects to make some mistakes during this test phase as it tweaks its algorithms. For the broader US audience, the notes should start appearing in the coming weeks and months.

In summary, X’s decision to charge for live streaming sets it apart from other major social platforms, potentially signaling a new direction for monetizing social media features. Meanwhile, YouTube’s adoption of community notes reflects a growing trend of leveraging user-generated content to combat misinformation and enhance video context.

Discover X’s premium live streaming feature : Elevate Your Experience

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