Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 Review: Finally a Success!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 Review Finally a Success!

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 is the latest addition to Microsoft’s Surface family, designed to cater to professionals, students, and casual users alike. In the competitive world of laptops, Microsoft has always been a notable player, with its Surface lineup gaining considerable traction over the years. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 marks another significant milestone in this series, promising enhanced performance, refined design, and improved user experience. This review delves into the various aspects of the Surface Laptop 7 to determine if it indeed lives up to its claims. It aims to combine the sleek design of its predecessors with upgraded hardware and new features that enhance productivity and user satisfaction.

This comprehensive review aims to provide potential buyers with detailed insights into the Surface Laptop 7’s features, performance, and overall value. By the end of this article, readers will have a clear understanding of whether this laptop meets their needs and expectations.

Design and Build Quality

Sleek and Stylish Aesthetics

Microsoft has maintained the elegant and minimalist design that has become synonymous with the Surface lineup. The Surface Laptop 7 features a clean, streamlined appearance with smooth edges and a slim profile, making it visually appealing and suitable for both professional and casual settings.

Material and Build Quality

The Surface Laptop 7 is crafted from high-quality materials, including aluminum and Alcantara fabric. The aluminum body ensures durability and a premium feel, while the Alcantara fabric on the keyboard deck offers a soft, comfortable touch. The build quality is exceptional, with a solid construction that inspires confidence in its longevity.

Color Options and Variants

Microsoft offers the Surface Laptop 7 in a range of colors, including Platinum, Matte Black, Cobalt Blue, and Sandstone. These options allow users to choose a variant that best suits their personal style and preferences.


Screen Size and Resolution

The Surface Laptop 7 boasts a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with a resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels. This high-resolution screen delivers crisp, clear visuals, making it ideal for both work and entertainment purposes.

Touchscreen Functionality

One of the standout features of the Surface Laptop 7 is its touchscreen capability. The display is highly responsive, providing a smooth and intuitive touch experience. This feature is particularly useful for tasks such as note-taking, drawing, and navigating the Windows 10 interface.

Color Accuracy and Brightness

The display on the Surface Laptop 7 excels in color accuracy and brightness, offering vibrant and lifelike visuals. Whether you’re editing photos, watching videos, or working on graphic design projects, the screen ensures a high-quality visual experience.


Processor Options and Capabilities

The Surface Laptop 7 is available with various processor options, including Intel’s 10th generation i5 and i7 CPUs. These processors deliver impressive performance, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient handling of demanding applications.

RAM and Storage Variants

Users can choose from different RAM and storage configurations, with options ranging from 8GB to 16GB of RAM and 128GB to 1TB of SSD storage. This flexibility allows buyers to select a model that meets their specific performance and storage needs.

Real-world Performance Tests

In real-world usage, the Surface Laptop 7 performs admirably. It handles everyday tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and media consumption with ease. Even more demanding tasks like video editing and running multiple applications simultaneously are managed efficiently.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to other laptops in its category, the Surface Laptop 7 holds its own. It competes well with models like the MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13, offering comparable performance and often surpassing them in design and user experience.

Battery Life

Battery Specifications

The Surface Laptop 7 is equipped with a 45.8Wh battery, which Microsoft claims can provide up to 11.5 hours of typical device usage. This battery life is sufficient for a full day of work or study without needing to recharge.

Real-world Usage Tests

In practical tests, the battery life of the Surface Laptop 7 varies depending on the usage scenario. For light tasks such as web browsing and word processing, it comfortably lasts through the day. However, more intensive tasks like video streaming or gaming can reduce the battery life to around 6-8 hours.

Charging Speed and Technology

The laptop supports fast charging, with the ability to charge up to 80% in about an hour. This feature is incredibly convenient for users who need to quickly recharge their device between meetings or classes.

Operating System and Software

Windows 10 Experience

The Surface Laptop 7 runs on Windows 10, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface. The operating system is optimized for touch and pen input, enhancing the overall usability of the device.

Pre-installed Software

Microsoft includes several useful applications pre-installed on the Surface Laptop 7, such as Microsoft Office (trial version), OneNote, and Microsoft Edge. These tools help users get started with productivity tasks right out of the box.

Microsoft Surface Exclusive Features

Exclusive features like Windows Hello for secure and fast login, and Surface Pen compatibility, further enhance the user experience. These features set the Surface Laptop 7 apart from other Windows laptops.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard Layout and Typing Experience

The keyboard on the Surface Laptop 7 is well-designed, offering a comfortable typing experience with well-spaced keys and adequate travel distance. The keys are quiet and responsive, making it suitable for extended typing sessions.

Backlit Keyboard Functionality

The keyboard is backlit, allowing users to type comfortably in low-light conditions. The adjustable brightness levels ensure optimal visibility without draining the battery excessively.

Touchpad Size and Responsiveness

The touchpad is spacious and highly responsive, supporting multi-touch gestures and providing smooth navigation. Its precision and accuracy make it one of the best touchpads available in a Windows laptop.

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Audio and Speakers

Speaker Quality and Volume

The Surface Laptop 7 features Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Audio, delivering rich and immersive sound. The speakers are surprisingly loud for a laptop of this size, making it suitable for media consumption and casual listening.

Audio Software Enhancements

Dolby Audio enhances the overall audio experience, providing clear dialogue, balanced tones, and deep bass. This makes the Surface Laptop 7 a great choice for watching movies, listening to music, and video conferencing.

Microphone Quality

The built-in microphones offer clear audio capture, which is essential for video calls and voice recordings. The microphones effectively filter out background noise, ensuring that your voice comes through loud and clear.


Ports and Expansion Options

The Surface Laptop 7 includes a USB-C port, a USB-A port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Surface Connect port. While the inclusion of USB-C is a welcome addition, the lack of Thunderbolt 3 support is a notable omission.

Wireless Connectivity

The laptop supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring fast and reliable wireless connectivity. These features are crucial for maintaining stable internet connections and connecting to wireless peripherals.

Compatibility with Accessories

The Surface Laptop 7 is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including the Surface Pen, Surface Dock, and Surface Arc Mouse. This versatility allows users to enhance their productivity and customize their setup to their liking.

Graphics and Gaming Performance

Integrated Graphics Capabilities

The Surface Laptop 7 comes with integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics, which provide decent performance for everyday tasks and light gaming. While it’s not designed for intensive gaming, it can handle casual games and older titles reasonably well.

Gaming Performance Tests

In gaming tests, the Surface Laptop 7 performs adequately for an ultrabook. Games like Fortnite and Rocket League run smoothly at lower settings, but demanding AAA titles may struggle to maintain playable frame rates.

Graphics Software Compatibility

The integrated graphics also support creative software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, making the Surface Laptop 7 suitable for light photo editing and graphic design work.

Key Features

Sleek Design
The Surface Laptop 7 features a slim and stylish design with premium materials, making it both durable and visually appealing.
High Resolution Touchscreen

A 13.5-inch PixelSense display with 2256 x 1504 resolution offers crisp visuals and responsive touch functionality.
Performance OptionsAvailable with Intel’s 10th generation i5 and i7 processors, and up to 16GB RAM, the Surface Laptop 7 provides strong performance for a range of tasks.
Battery LifeWith up to 11.5 hours of battery life and fast charging capabilities, the Surface Laptop 7 ensures you stay productive throughout the day.
ConnectivityIncludes USB-C and USB-A ports, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring versatile connectivity options.
Audio and SpeakersOmniSonic speakers with Dolby Audio provide rich, immersive sound, making it ideal for media consumption.
Windows HelloFacial recognition technology for secure and convenient login.


  • Sleek and premium design
  • High-quality display
  • Excellent keyboard and touchpad
  • Strong performance for everyday tasks
  • Good battery life with fast charging


  • Lack of Thunderbolt 3 support
  • Limited port selection
  • Integrated graphics may not suffice for heavy gaming

What are the main differences between Surface Laptop 7 and previous models?

The Surface Laptop 7 features updated Intel 10th generation processors, a USB-C port, and improved battery life compared to its predecessor, the Surface Laptop 6. It also offers better graphics performance and a more refined design.

Is the Surface Laptop 7 suitable for gaming?

While the Surface Laptop 7 can handle light gaming and older titles, it is not designed for intensive gaming. For heavy gaming, a laptop with a dedicated graphics card would be more suitable.

How does the battery life compare to other laptops?

The Surface Laptop 7 offers competitive battery life, comparable to other ultrabooks like the Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Air. It provides sufficient battery life for a full day of work or study.

What are the color options available?

The Surface Laptop 7 is available in Platinum, Matte Black, Cobalt Blue, and Sandstone, allowing users to choose a color that suits their style.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 is a remarkable device that combines elegance, performance, and versatility. With its premium design, high-quality display, and robust performance, it stands out as a top choice for professionals, students, and casual users alike. While it has some limitations, such as the absence of Thunderbolt 3 and limited gaming capabilities, its strengths far outweigh these drawbacks.

One of the standout features of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 is its high-resolution PixelSense display. The 13.5-inch touchscreen offers vibrant colors and sharp details, enhancing both productivity and entertainment experiences. Whether you’re editing documents, watching videos, or engaging in creative projects, the display’s clarity and responsiveness significantly elevate the user experience.

In terms of performance, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 does not disappoint. With options for Intel’s 10th generation i5 and i7 processors, along with up to 16GB of RAM, the device handles a variety of tasks with ease. From everyday activities like web browsing and office applications to more demanding tasks such as photo editing and multitasking, the Surface Laptop 7 delivers reliable and efficient performance.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 Review: Finally a Success!

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